Multi Family Office

We provide Family office services for families who do not have or want to have their own Family Office. It starts with a holistic approach and a strategic overview. Who are the family members? What values do you have as a family and what values are important to all the individual members? What is your future vision for your family?

And most importantly, what legacy would you like to leave for your future generations?

These are important questions that define the meaning of life and your approach on how you want to raise your children. And as a result, also how you would like to deal with the wealth your family has created.

It is about your commitment to the future. And we commit to you, taking upon ourselves the responsibility to manage your family wealth in line with your personal and family goals. It is our aim that your vision is realized and you feel comfortable by the way your wealth is managed.

Would you like to make a positive impact on society and the future of your descendants?

This is why we have created our sustainable investment options. To give our clients and families the possibilities to invest according to your vision and meaning, reaping the results of financial and moral rewards. This is also a good way to involve the next generation into the discussion and decision making.

How does it feel to invest in a way that contributes to your own personal interests whilst simultaneously making a positive impact on society as a whole?

How do you take these decisions? Our approach represents a safe way of involving the next generation in decision making that is aligned with the common family goals and vision.

Family Governance

A lot of our clients are successful entrepreneurs, managing their business in a successful way. And there are different goals and interests in managing your company’s wealth compared to your goals and vision regarding your private wealth. The latter is more often tilted towards a conservative management of assets, to protect the family wealth. Together we discuss the overlay and what is the best way to make sure that all goals are within reach.

Our company aims to make your life easier:

Consolidation of reporting; often clients have accounts at several custody banks and have difficulties in getting a summarized overview of all investments and returns. There might be good reasons to diversify your wealth over different custody banks. We make your life easier with a consolidation of all portfolios into one report and give you a summarized overview of all investments;

Risk analysis; based on our consolidation skills we can help you to define the risks and overlap in your portfolios;

Tax reporting; we liaise with your tax advisor and all your custodian banks to make sure you receive your required tax reporting correctly and in time;

Return of withholding tax in different jurisdictions; with the help of our network we optimize your net return and tax situation and make sure that withholding tax can be reclaimed whenever possible.

Optimization of fee structures; you can rest assured that we will negotiate a transparent and efficient fee structure with every individual custody bank in order to optimize your overall net return on your wealth.