What drive our clients to choose us

Our clients are our core. All our actions and processes are developed with the goal to create value.

Our strategy starts with a strategic view: your vision on the future of your family and business.

We combine the integration of your personal values in your portfolio with a competitive financial return and a positive influence on society at the same time.

Our clients have a positive feeling regarding their investments, as the positive impact of their investments goes far beyond their own horizon.

We enable the involvement of the next generation into the discussion and decision making.

Every portfolio is tailor made. Together we define what suits best. And we dare to challenge and to ask questions.

We offer result-oriented, tailor made, tax efficient, diversified portfolios.

In house investment management capabilities with tax and regulatory optimized solutions.

We are a partner in one of the largest platforms for independent wealth managers and family offices in Switzerland. That means that we continuously live up to the highest standards.

We only work with the best in class financial providers at the most beneficial cost structures that are internationally competitive.

Assistance in international relocation for our clients.

Why Switzerland

Long term, 200 years history and high quality competence in international private banking.

Over CHF 500 billion, 15% of the Swiss Wealth Management market, are managed by External Asset Managers.

Banks are subject to strict regulation which strengthens the reliability and solidity.

Swiss banks need to have, by Swiss law, high capital adequacy. Swiss banks can therefore be counted amongst the safest in the world.

Switzerland is the global leader for cross-border private banking with a market share of 25% of global assets under management.

Sophisticated investment service and outstanding expertise.

Efficient capital markets.

High service and technology standards.


Stable economy and world-class infrastructure.

Political stability, neutral stance and high level of education.

Outside the European Union.

Strategical location in the middle of Europe, with easy access to other continents.